Mastering is the final stage in the recording process and perhaps the most important

Good mastering will bring out the best in your recording to achieve maximum impact,  loud, clear and professional. Great piece of work ? Do it justice.

Secret of a good recording is in the mastering.

It does make the difference and a good move to get it done correctly.

After all the effort you owe it to yourself.


Mastering online makes good economic sense

Mastering online brings a once exclusive procedure within reach of any recording artist or company, making it accessible & affordable with state of the art equipment working for you at the other end of a telephone line plus dedicated human not charging you by the hour.!
and its easy

Send the track down the line to us and up she rises on clives screen ‘jigglertron’ and before you can say pass the biscuits back down the optic railway to your good selves or CD if you prefer by the jolly postman.

Maximum Impact

We are a professional online mastering service for recorded music advising, guiding and finishing your project to the highest possible standard and giving your music maximum impact.


We are reasonably priced and within budget reach of the lone artist or the bigger jigger.

(you dont have to get here and clutter up the place and we can stay in our pyjamas if we want to…)

It is in our interest to please and achieve the best result for you thats possible

Mastering online means you avoid attending some god awful studio basement cellar  dingy dark and smelling of old pizza and catch influenza from a wheezing old pirate in a marx brothers t-shirt behind a Bang and Olafson 4 watt cassette deck…no forget all that nonsense….and youll save the bus fare…

Buy yourself something with the extra cash…get the drummer a kebab !

We want you to be happy with the result,

Try us and we are certain you will agree.

We have the exoerience and the technology.

And its cheaper than the train

maximum sonic quality objective achieved

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